2 Situations In Which Homeowners With Cars Should Put Them In Storage Units

Here are two situations in which homeowners with cars should put their vehicles in storage units.

They'll be going on a long holiday and their garage isn't secure

Homeowners who are planning long holidays and whose garages are not secure should put their cars into storage units. The reason for this is that if any local burglars notice that a home is unoccupied for more than a few days, they will often try to break into some part of it, as there will be less chance of someone seeing them. If the house itself is quite secure but, for example, the garage has a door that is rusted and has a weak old lock, any burglar who takes a look at the property will probably break into the latter, as it will be easy for them to gain entry to such a badly-secured space. As such, in this situation, a car that's stored inside this garage is likely to be the thing that gets stolen.

Given this, for homeowners who don't want their holidays spoiled by worries about their vehicles getting stolen, putting their cars in storage units is the best option. Vehicle storage units are incredibly secure (much more so than the average residential garage), as they usually have robust doors with durable commercial locks and are within a monitored storage facility where there is staff on site all the time. Because of the many security features utilised by these storage facilities, there is almost no possibility of a vehicle in them being stolen and so homeowners who leave their cars in these places can enjoy their holidays, without needing to be concerned about their vehicles.

They don't have a garage and are renovating their modestly-sized property exterior

If a homeowner doesn't have a garage to keep their car in and they are renovating their modestly-sized property exterior, they may want to put their car in a storage unit until their renovations are done. The main reason for this is that if they were to leave their car parked outside on their property during this process, it would probably get damaged. If, for example, due to the small size of their exterior, they cannot park the car several metres away from where the exterior wall painting is being done, then the car could get splashed with paint or struck by one of the painter's ladders whilst he or she is carrying it to a new spot.

Additionally, the presence of the car in this small area could make it harder for the tradespeople to complete the renovations, as they'll not only have less space for their equipment but they'll also need to move around more slowly and cautiously in an effort to avoid damaging the vehicle. If a homeowner in these circumstances were to put their car in a storage facility, where it would stay clean, safe and untouched by anyone but them, not only would they not need to be concerned about their vehicle sustaining damage but their renovations would also probably get done a lot faster.

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