It's All About Appearance: How To Keep Your New Deck Looking Brand-New

If you've decided to install a new deck system in your backyard this spring, now's the time to prepare for the maintenance. Different types of decking material require different levels of maintenance. If you've decided to go with composite deck material, such as Trex, you might not think that you need to worry about maintenance, but that's not the case. Composite deck material does require less maintenance than your typical wood decking. However, it does still require some routine maintenance, especially if you want to keep it looking its best. Here are three tips to help you care for your new composite deck.  

Start With a Proper Sealant

If you're going to invest in a new deck for your yard, you want to ensure many years of enjoyment. One of the best ways to do that is to start with an application of deck sealant. Many people think that composite decks don't need to be sealed. However, a good layer of sealant will provide the protection your deck needs, especially if it will be exposed to the extreme summer temperatures that Australia can experience. The sealant will help to protect against all types of heat-related issues, including peeling and fading. 

Spot Clean the Surface Weekly

When you spend a lot of time on your deck, you want it to be clean and tidy. A weekly spot cleaning will help you to maintain the appearance of your new deck. However, it will also help to prevent damage. The best way to keep your deck clean is to sweep it with a soft-bristled broom at least once a week. If you notice bird droppings or lingering dirt on your deck, use your garden hose to provide a weekly surface cleaning. 

Give Semi-Annual Deep Cleaning

Because your new deck will be exposed to the elements, you'll want to follow up your weekly care with semi-annual deep cleanings. This is a good way to remove any debris that might cause damage or that might leave stains. These semi-annual cleanings are also a good way to transition from warm weather to cold weather each year. The best way to clean your decks is with a bucket of sudsy water and a stiff-bristled push broom. Be sure to rinse the suds away once you're done scrubbing. This will remove any soapy residue that might be left behind. 

If you're going to invest in a new deck system, use the tips provided here to maintain the appearance. 

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