4 Important Things to Consider When Buying a Tree

Adding trees to your garden provides you with shade, prevents soil erosion and improves the kerb appeal of your garden. However, before you go to the wholesale tree nursery, you need to determine what tree you want, why you want it and where you need to plant it. A wholesale tree nursery has a wide variety of trees, including fruit trees, shade trees and decorative trees. How do you determine the best tree for your garden? Continue reading for four things to consider when buying a tree for your garden. 

The Purpose of the Tree

Why do you want to buy a tree? You need to know the benefits you want to gain from planting the tree in your garden. For example, if you're looking for a tree to provide shade, you need to find evergreen trees with a lot of persistent foliage. These can also help with wind-breaking and provide a screen for privacy. If you're hoping to provide a healthy snack while friends and family are in your garden, you can go for a fruit tree. If you're hoping to add some colour to your garden, opt for a tree with some colour or one with decorative flowers or leaves. 

Site Conditions

You need to consider the site conditions within your garden. When you choose a tree, you need to ensure that the tree will thrive in the specific conditions of your garden. This will determine its chances of survival and the amount of maintenance it needs. Some of the things you need to consider include exposure, drainage, hardiness zone, human activity, disease and insect susceptibility. 

High-Quality Tree

You need to buy a good-quality tree that's free of disease. When you buy a good-quality tree, it'll become a long-lasting asset to your property. Conversely, a poor-quality tree may over time develop costly problems, reducing the benefits you'll get from it and increase the need for maintenance. A high-quality tree has a tree that's free of any damage or wounds, a quality root system supporting healthy growth and a strong stem with well-spaced and firmly attached branches. Visiting a wholesale tree nursery may be overwhelming. Consult your landscaping expert to help you choose a high-quality tree. 

Soil Condition

Soil conditions are an important consideration when selecting a tree. Soil can be too dry or too wet or have large amounts of rock or clay. You need to consult an expert and examine the soil to ensure that your tree will survive. Choose a tree that has the ability to respond well to the existing soil conditions. 

Consider these factors to ensure you choose the right tree and to ensure its survival once it has been transplanted to your garden. 

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