4 Signs That It's Time to Replace Your Windows

Looking at your windows from a distance might give you the illusion that they're okay. However, a closer inspection might prove different. You might find that they're somewhat worse for wear. If so, then it's probably time you get started on a window replacement project. 

Replacing your windows can reduce your energy bills, improve your comfort, and improve the family's quality of life by giving your house access to natural light and better ventilation. Here are four signs that it's time to replace your windows. 

Your Windows Are Worn-Out

A good sign that you need to do window replacement is if the window is showing symptoms of rot or warping. Window frames are particularly tricky to maintain. While they look good once installed, they require ample maintenance to keep their appeal lasting. The trouble is that once the rot sets in the wood, it is difficult to stop. If you leave it, the rot will continue to worsen and cause challenges when opening and closing the windows. 

If your window's double glazing fails, the window frames may discolour over time, and as the heat causes them to expand, they become warped. This will lead to water leaks, condensation, chips, cracks, holes and ugly scratches. 

High Energy Bills

Old and inefficient windows affect your home's insulation significantly, leading to high energy bills. The same case applies to air conditioning. The more heat escapes your home, the more you have to compensate with your central heating, and your bills will be higher.

Confirm if your windows are losing heat by standing next to the windows. Check if that area is cooler than the rest of the room. If the glass is cold to the touch, it is highly likely that your windows are wasting energy. You will notice that your energy bills are significantly higher than normal. 

Windows Are Draughty

Drafts occur when the windows don't shut properly because the locking mechanism could be faulty. Windows could provide you with an escape in case of a fire or intruders. As such, if you notice a draught in your home, check on the windows' closing mechanisms.

Difficult to Open and Close 

Windows should open and close smoothly. If your window is difficult to open or shut, it is time to replace them. One common cause is that a painter could have painted them shut. More causes of a stuck window could be warped frames such as uPVC window frames, which can warp and expand in hot weather.

The uPVC contracts again when it is cold, but if it happens regularly, chances are that the frame is ill-fitted for the aperture. Alternatively, the foundations of your home could have shifted your window frame, causing it to no longer fit in its hinges properly.

In these instances, the most cost-effective option is to replace the window, since repairs can end up being expensive.

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