Ideas And Tips For Your New Kitchen Cabinetry

When installing kitchen cabinets, you'll need to make choices about colour and hardware. Here are several ideas and tips to consider.

A Pop Of Bright Colour

One design approach is to colour some cabinetry a bright colour while leaving other cupboards neutral or white. The contrast between the various doors adds visual interest and a point of difference. This strategy differs from contrasting diverse elements such as a bench against cupboards, for instance. Vibrant hues to consider include turquoise, red, lemon, or cobalt. You could, for example, install green under-counter cabinets and leave the upper ones cream. Or else, to also add a pop of colour in a controlled way, you could spread navy over kitchen island doors while leaving wall cupboards grey.

Room Size And Lighting

Another tip when selecting cabinetry is to factor in your kitchen's overall size and lighting. In a small space, consider using pale hues that reflect light, which will help to create a sense of brightness and space. Conversely, in a large room, dark and warm tones absorb light to generate a cozier ambience. 

The amount of daylight entering is also crucial. If your kitchen has vast windows that allow in abundant sunshine, this can wash out pale hues like light blues or fawns. Conversely, a dim space can make dark colours seem heavier. Take care when picking shades — because kitchen cupboards take up so much area, your decisions can create a welcoming room that draws people in or one that pushes them away.

No Fussy Door Handles 

If you want to create a minimalist feel in your kitchen, you could install handleless cupboard doors. Going this route, you'll reduce a lot of fussy detailing. Models with push-open and soft-close mechanisms eliminate the need for handles altogether. Alternatively, some doors have a recessed groove along the top edge for opening and closing. This works as a discreet handle; the design simply works it into the door contour.

The Overall Kitchen Landscape

Lastly, when considering the cabinetry, it's essential to widen your gaze and take in the overall landscape, including other components such as benchtops, splashbacks and flooring. Rather than adding a pop of colour with your cabinetry, you can use them to form a neutral background that allows a bright tiled splashback or striking natural stone bench to come to create the visual interest. Your expert cabinet makers can advise on other ideas to harmonise the cupboards with the surrounding decor.

For more ideas and information, reach out to a cabinet maker near you.

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