Tips for Installing Waterproof Outdoor Blinds Correctly

If you have a pergola, you want to shield the inside space and the furniture from rain, strong winds and direct sunlight. The best way to protect the pergola and furniture is to install outdoor roller blinds, which come in different sizes, shapes and colours. Notably, quality blinds are strong enough to withstand rough weather conditions. However, proper installation of curtains is required to derive the maximum value from your blinds. This article highlights techniques for installing waterproof outdoor blinds correctly. Read on to find out more.

Provide Support at Connection Points

When buying waterproof outdoor blinds, you should know the size of the area to be covered since it dictates the number of screens required. During installation, it is easy to ignore the connection points between the fabrics. However, it affects the performance of your waterproof outdoor blinds because any spaces between two shades will allow rainwater through. Therefore, provide the necessary support at the connection points to ensure that no gaps can allow rainwater through.

Waterproof Side Out 

Only one side of outdoor blinds exhibits the waterproofing properties. However, outdoor blinds manufacturers try to make both sides as similar as possible for aesthetic reasons. The design can confuse customers, especially with multicoloured or patterned blinds. For example, some clients end up installing the screens with the waterproof side facing inside; consequently, the waterproof blinds will not perform their function. However, most customers realise the mistake when it is already too late. The best way to avoid making this error is to scrutinise both sides of the waterproof blind. The waterproofed side has a smooth layer and should be installed facing outside.

Spraying Blinds With Water Before Installation

While it is advisable to buy waterproof outdoor blinds from reputable vendors or manufacturers, it does not mean that you should not test the blinds before installation. Unfortunately, most homeowners often fall into this trap, and they end up buying, installing and using substandard outdoor blinds. Even if your blinds come with a warranty, you might realise the shortcoming after installation. Therefore, it is essential to test the blinds' waterproofing abilities before the installation exercise. You can do this by spraying water on the blinds using a hose and letting the blinds sit for a couple of minutes. After that, turn the blind and inspect the opposite side for signs of moisture. Proceed with installation once you are satisfied that the inner side is dry.

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