Why Use Matte Finish Floor Tiles if You Have Kids?

The floor tile finish you choose isn't purely a cosmetic design decision, especially if you have young kids at home. You might want to lay glossy tiling that turns your floors into statement pieces; however, a matte finish is probably a better option for you if you have young children. Why?

Keep Your Feet on the Ground

Tiles with a gloss finish don't always have much grip. It's easy to slip on this kind of smooth surface in any room. If you install gloss tiles in rooms where the floor could get wet, like bathrooms and kitchens, then the floor could easily become too slippery to keep your footing at all.

While you walk like a sensible grown-up, your kids don't. They run around without a care in the world. If you install a gloss finish, then you increase the chances of slips, falls and accidents. Once your kids work out that they can slide on gloss tiles because they don't have much traction, they're more likely to try to do this, which makes the problem worse.

Tiles with a matte finish might not sparkle as much as gloss alternatives, but they are easier to walk on. They have a more textured surface with better slip resistance. Your family is less likely to slip or fall on your floors, and things will be safer at home.

Keep Your Floors Looking Good

When you first install gloss tiles, your floors look great. Light bounces off the surface and brightens and lightens the room. However, your floors won't stay like this for long. Everyday traffic and your kids' activities will take the sheen off the tiles pretty quickly because gloss coatings smudge easily. Even everyday traffic can make them look dirty or dull. You can't hide things like stains or spills. They even show fingerprints and footprints.

While these tiles are easy to clean, you'll have to clean them a lot with kids around. On the other hand, matte tiles are much more forgiving. They hide minor marks, dirt and stains more effectively. So, your tiles will look better for longer, and you will reduce the number of times you have to mop the floors every week.

To find suitable options, look at floor tiles online. Bear in mind that you don't have to sacrifice good looks just to get safer low-maintenance flooring. If you choose the right matte design and colour, your floors can still shine.

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