Don't Overlook These Details When Planning a Residential Move

If you're planning a residential move, even one that is a short distance away, you want to start planning early and ensure you don't overlook any detail. This will make your move as stress-free as possible, and reduce the risk of forgetting something at your old residence or finding out too late that your packing materials and truck are not the right choice. Note a few of these details that many persons often overlook when planning a move so you can avoid these mistakes.

Check on clearance and accessibility for a truck

Note the route you want to take for your moving truck and ensure it has proper clearance along the way; an online search can usually tell you the overhead clearance of overpasses, tunnels, and the like. This will give you time to reroute your move if necessary. Consider any accessibility issues at your new property as well; if a house has a short driveway or is located on a narrow roadway, can you fit an oversized moving truck on the property and even on the road itself? In some cases, you may want to consider renting a smaller truck or van and making several trips, or renting two of these smaller trucks and having a friend drive one.

Check the tools you need to break down furniture and appliances

It's often easier to move furniture and appliances if you take off legs, doors, drawer fronts, and the like, so note if you have the tools needed to do this; you might need a special wrench or screwdriver for some connectors, or even a drill to remove deeply set bolts and screws. If you're going to be leaving doors and drawers in place, be sure you have a sturdy way of securing them without damaging the furniture; masking tape and duct tape are likely to peel away a wood finish or paint, so opt for a strong painter's tape or even some tie-downs and cords instead.

Storage units

Having a portable storage unit placed on your property that you can fill up and then have moved to your new property is a popular option, but be sure you've checked on whether or not that's permissible. Some neighbourhoods don't allow these types of units even on private property; apartment and condominium complexes are usually even more strict about putting them in the parking lot. In these cases, a self-storage unit you can fill up with boxes and other items until you're ready to move and transport them can be the better option.

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