Curtain Designs You Could Choose For Your Window Treatments

Undoubtedly, curtains are the most prevalent window treatments used in homes across the world. However, a mistake some people make is just selecting curtains based on the different price points that are available. You should bear in mind that your curtains could play a significant role in the interior design of your home, especially if you are using them to furnish large windows. Moreover, different curtains have the ability to provide you with different functions, so it would be best to determine what you would like to get from your window treatments before just purchasing the cheapest option. When it comes to the selection of curtains, some of the considerations to bear in mind would be the colour, the length, and the fabric, as well as whether you would like lining to be used. Here are some of the different curtain designs that you could choose for your window treatments.

Pole pocket curtains

These types of curtains are also referred to as rod-pocket curtains. They are characterised by having a casing at the top that is designed to have a rod fitted into it. Once the curtains are installed, the rod helps in creating a ruffling effect, making it ideal for people who would like to add some depth to their windows. It should also be noted that pole pocket curtains are also an attractive option for DIY crafters, as they are easy to make! Therefore, if you are looking to save some money by creating your own curtains, this would be the perfect option.

Sheer curtains

If you are looking to let in as much light as possible into your home, sheer curtains would be right up your alley. These curtains are typically made with either cotton lace or polyester voile fabric. They are characterised by being almost translucent so that natural sunlight can stream through the window treatments while still providing you with some privacy. Nevertheless, sheer curtains do not completely obscure prying eyes from looking into your home. During the night when interior lighting is on, people would be able to see into the residence. Therefore, they are better suited for rooms that are exclusively used during the daytime, such as a sunroom.

Thermal curtains

These window furnishings are also known as blackout drapes. They are designed to obscure any sunlight from penetrating your window treatments. Hence, they are better suited for rooms that require complete darkness, such as the bedroom. Blackout drapes are made from thick fabric, so they can be quite difficult to install single-handedly. Nonetheless, they do offer a higher degree of thermal insulation as well as sun protection than their other counterparts do.

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