Tips for Adding Style to Your Home With a New Garage Door

A new garage door can be a great choice for when you want to add style and enhance your home's curb appeal. An older and outdated garage door, and especially one that shows rust and other corrosion, can detract from a home's entire appearance. It can also be loud and irritating when you open it! Before you choose a new door, you might want to take some time to shop around all your options and note a few choices you have for style, colour, and the like, and this will help you determine the best choice of garage door for your home.

Insert panels

A solid panel garage door can be very sturdy and secure, but also a bit bland. Instead, look for what are called insert panels. These are like individual panels that make up the face of the garage door. Not only will this give the door some depth and visual appeal, but also the frame around each panel can also add colour and help break up the look of the door. The larger and deeper the insert around the panels, the larger the frame, so the more colour you can add to the space.

Note, however, that a door with too many small panels can look a bit crowded and cluttered, so you might keep the look cleaner and simpler by leaving the panels larger. You can even offset them, with smaller panels to one side and larger panels to the other, for an even more unique look.

Add windows

Adding windows may seem like a small detail, but curved windows can offset the look of a large garage door and break up all that metal. Windows will also keep the garage door from looking industrial and bland.

Choose glass

If you've never thought about having a glass garage door versus metal, this option can add softness and warmth to the space, while giving it a very modern look. Glass doors can be see-through, or made with a frosted plexiglass that is very durable, and which might show a slight glow from a lighting fixture above or below the door.

Timber look doors

A wood garage door can soften the space and make your garage seem more like a carriage house or barn, and timber can work well for a traditional brick home or one with large wood shutters. You can also paint or stain the timber virtually any colour; choose something dark for a garage door on a white house, or opt for a light oak stain next to bold aluminium siding colour.

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