What to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Blinds for Your Home

Outdoor blinds offer many advantages over window treatments you only put inside the home; when attached to the outside of the windows, exterior blinds protect the glass in case of storms and high winds or gravel that might fly in from a nearby roadway. They can also offer more noise insulation, as window glass often tends to amplify sound waves. Outdoor blinds are also used to enclose a patio area when you need some privacy, noise insulation, and protection from the sun. Whatever your reasons for considering outdoor blinds for the home, note a few tips on how to choose the best ones for your space.


The operation of outdoor blinds is important to consider because it will affect how they're installed. Motorized blinds are very convenient and easy to use; with a remote, you just push a button to lower and raise them, so you don't need to go outside in a storm to close those blinds and protect your windows or patio furniture.

However, motorized blinds often run on a full track to help keep them in place when they raise and lower on their own. You may not want a track installed along the outside of your home or framework of your pergola or other patio covering. A pulley string system, such as you see on interior blinds, can work without tracks. A spring loaded system, with a spring that snaps or rolls the blinds into place, can also work without a track, so consider carefully these choices of how your blinds will operate.

Colour and material

You may not think much of the colour of blinds for your outdoor space and may prefer the look of a certain material itself, but note if these choices would clash with your home's brick or siding, pergola frame, deck, and other such exterior features. For example, bamboo blinds in a natural dark brown shade against a home with blue aluminium siding will probably seem out of place, and the bamboo might also clash with simple pine decking. A fabric or metal blind in a neutral white shade may be a more neutral option. Metal blinds may seem too modern against a brick exterior and fabric blinds might seem more traditional and appropriate.

When choosing material, ensure it will offer the functions you want from the blinds; loosely woven fabric may not offer enough protection against bright sunlight, whereas wood blinds with slats that close tightly can mean the most protection from sun, wind, a light rain, noise from neighbours, and anything else that detracts from your outdoor space.

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