How to Add More Storage Space to a Very Small Shower and Bath

Many homes have at least one bathroom or shower area in the bathroom that is a bit undersized, and storage can then be a challenge. Adding shelves to the walls isn't always a solution, as they can just get in the way of a small bathroom space, and a large vanity may overpower the space and make it seem crowded. Note a few other solutions you might try in a small shower or bathroom in your home.

Add a shower screen

A shower screen instead of a curtain gives you an extra wall on which you can add hooks for hanging items. You can hang your bath brush or washcloth from a standard hook, or use hooks made especially for holding razors. Small plastic or vinyl baskets and bins that hook to a wall can also hold shampoo and soap.

You can also find a flat vinyl storage compartment with pockets, often meant for hanging shoes in the closet, but which can be attached to a hook on the shower screen. You can then use the pockets for all your bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body oil and whatever else you need in the shower. These hooks will hold items flat against the shower screen so they take up less space than standard shelves in the shower.

Add a half wall or partition

A vanity may make a small bathroom a bit crowded, but a half wall or partition between the toilet and sink can provide storage without getting in the way. This partition can have small shelves built in, and these work for undersized items like rolls of toilet tissue, shaving cream and razors and washcloths or other small linens. You can also put small jars and baskets on these shelves and organize items like cotton swabs or cotton balls, nail polish and polish remover, brushes and combs or makeup items and accessories.

Use the mirror

You don't want to eliminate too much space on the bathroom mirror, but you can usually attach some storage items along the outer edges the mirror. A small shelf or ledge at the bottom can hold canisters that are perfectly sized for toothbrushes and toothpaste, and small shelves that go up the outer edges of the mirror can hold makeup items, shaving items or small jars for storing cotton balls and other accessories. Those small shelves might also be the perfect size for washcloths and tissue boxes.

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