Affordable Tips for Making Your Outdoor Space More Relaxing and Inviting

If you have a patio of some sort along your home's side yard or backyard but find that you don't spend much time there, you may need to consider how to make it more relaxing and inviting. The space may simply get too much sun or wind, or you may be distracted by noise from the neighbours. Note a few affordable tips for making that space one you'll enjoy and want to visit more often.

Extend the awnings

Awnings over the windows can protect them from rain and snow and also help to create shade inside the home. While this is good for inside the home, if you extend the awnings so they're larger and cover the patio, this can also provide you with some comfortable shade and protection from a light rain or wind. Since you may want awnings for your windows anyway, you might consider using them as a type of roof area for the patio or deck.

Add posts for blinds

If you want some protection from the sun along just one area of the patio, you might add some posts or framework for external blinds. The blinds can be lowered and raised according to how much shade you need, and they can also provide some protection from wind and rain. Thicker blinds can also be used for sound insulation, so install the framework between you and the neighbour's home or a nearby roadway so you can block out that sound and enjoy your patio space.

Spruce up the flooring

If you have a plain concrete pad for your outdoor space, this can be very uncomfortable underfoot and might make you avoid the space. Look for a thick exterior concrete paint you can use to cover the concrete, as the paint will not only protect that surface but also be softer underfoot. You can also find outdoor carpeting tiles; these will have a peel-and-stick backing that you can use to apply them right to the concrete to create a section of carpeted floor that is also comfortable underfoot.

Add air circulation

You may not like being outside when it's very warm and there is no breeze to keep you cool, so consider adding some outdoor fans to your patio. This added air circulation can be just what you need to enjoy the patio on a warm summer day and can be used to direct a light rain away from the space, also making it more comfortable for you.

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