Custom Home Building: Simple Guide to the Different Siding Options

In recent years, more and more home owners are considering siding for their properties to prolong the lifespan of their exterior building materials. As such, there is now a myriad of siding materials that you could choose. It is, therefore, prudent to understand what the different options would offer you so that you can make a knowledgeable decision on what would best suit your individual taste as well as the style of your premises. Here is a simple guide to the different siding options that you could install.

Aluminium siding

This is one of the most affordable siding materials that you could choose making it a suitable choice for people looking for inexpensive siding. It should also be noted that the relative affordability of the aluminium does not compromise the durability of the aluminium. Unlike some other types of materials, aluminium will not suffer from cracking due to exposure to the changing weather. Aluminium is also fire resistant, making it one of the more suitable alternatives for properties located in bush-fire prone areas. Lastly, aluminium does not pose any health risks, which makes it one of the eco-friendly solutions you could install.

Nonetheless, aluminium siding does have a couple of cons. For instance, this material is quite lightweight, which makes prone to dents if any heavy materials are leant on the side of your home such as a ladder. This can prove problematic if you need to clean hard to reach areas such as windows, roofing or gutters.

Cedar shingles siding

If you would like to embrace a rustic and natural appearance, then you may want to opt for cedar shingles for your siding. These are made from timber thus can easily blend in with nature. Cedar shingles are also suitable for people who would like neutral tones for their siding as they come in hues such as grey, brown and other earth tones.

It should be noted that cedar shingles would require routine maintenance for them to stay in optimum condition. Failure to observe regular sealing could pose the risk of water damage to your cedar shingles, which will result in having to replace your siding before it begins to affect the exterior walls of your property.

Engineered timber siding

If you are attracted to the appearance of timber but do not want to be tasked with the maintenance that is involved with natural timber, engineered timber siding would be right up your alley. This type of siding is made of wood that has been mixed with recycled plastic materials. This makes it more resilient to erratic weather changes. The panels of the engineered timber siding are also pest-resistant, therefore you would not have to be concerned about pest infestations.

For assistance, talk to a custom builder.

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