Garden Trees: Should You Grow From Seed Or Buy Advanced?

There are tons of reasons to grow trees in your garden. They look good, they're a massive boost to the environment at large, they can help you regulate the temperature in both your indoor and outdoor spaces and they can potentially even raise your property's market value. Fruit trees will provide you with delicious bounty every fall, while others can simply set a fantastic scene or give your children sycamore seeds to watch and conkers to battle with. If you're convinced by all this--and who wouldn't be, if they had the space?--there's just one question left to answer: should you grow your trees from seed, or should you buy advanced trees (trees that are a already a few years old) and have them planted? To help make this decision, you just need to ask yourself a few simple questions...

How much money can you spend on this?

Seeds are cheap, plentiful, and widely available--while advanced trees can be a little more costly. If price is your main consideration, you might find that growing from scratch is better for you than planting advanced.

How specific a look do you have in mind?

If you're after a fairytale forest feel, you won't want all your trees to be planted in strictly regimented lines and you'd rather they didn't all turn out to be perfect clones of each other. If precisely designed ornamental gardens are more your thing, however, you'll want to avoid seeds that don't take and trees that grow up in unexpected directions. Buying your trees already grown rather than planting them from seed is a great way to get the look and feel you're going for.

How long are you willing to wait for your trees?

If you're hoping to improve the value of your property in advance of a sale, you can't wait around for a seedling to sprout! Trees take time to grow, and many people have planted trees thinking they'll get to watch their children playing in them only to find that it's their grandchildren who end up being the first who can. By planting advanced trees, you can get ahead of the game and get the look you're after as soon as possible.

Ready to make a decision?

If you'd like to plant some advanced trees, contact a local tree specialist right away. Many are able to offer advice on the best time and place to plant your trees, and on how to give them the best start in life possible.

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