5 Reasons to Pick a Traditional Push Mower Instead of a Gas or Electric Version

Your local gardening store is likely to be fully stocked with large and powerful motorised mowers, many of which can be ridden. Those might be attractive and alluring, but you shouldn't discount the good old-fashioned push mower. Here are just five benefits of using one.

1. Ongoing Savings

The latest and greatest ride-on mower might impress your neighbours, but it isn't going to impress your accountant. A push mower is almost always going to be drastically less expensive than a gas or electric mower, and those savings will continue over the mower's life. You won't even need to buy fuel, charge up the battery, or take it in for expert maintenance.  

2. No Risk of Pollution

When you use a gas-powered mower, you're going to be spewing out pollution. For some larger areas, such as sporting fields, the motor is necessary, but it's wasteful to use all that fuel and produce those emissions when you're only covering your own garden. Remember, fumes aren't all you have to worry about; you'll also skip the possibility of spilling fuel on your lawn. Electric mowers are a little more eco-friendly, but the battery will eventually need to be disposed of. To help the environment, nothing beats a push mower.

3. Silent Runnings

One of the worst things about using a mower with a motor is the noise that is produced. The nicest days to mow your lawn are also the days people like to sit out in the sun and relax, which can be hard while you're mowing away next door. The sound is also unpleasant for you; it can be tough to hear yourself think while mowing with a motor. Push mowers are almost completely silent.

4. Minimal Maintenance

You might occasionally need to have the blades of your push mower sharpened, but that will be rare necessity, and it represents the only maintenance work with which you'll need to concern yourself. Gas and electric mowers are a different story, and they can also break more easily since they contain vastly more moving parts, few of which are likely to be fixable, or even diagnosable, without the assistance of a professional.

5. Easy to Use

Finally, push mowers are just plain easy to use. You don't need to pull a string to start the motor, and you don't need to read through an instruction manual. All you do is start pushing. You'll also find it easier to work your way around corners and lift the mower to where you want it since push mowers are far lighter than motors with mowers.

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