How to Choose the Perfect Wardrobe for Your Bedroom

Choosing wardrobes isn't as simple as it sounds. Not everyone needs the same amount of space. Some mainly need room to hang shirts and jackets, while others need compartments for accessories. Some people want a lightweight wardrobe that can be easily moved. Others want an impressive oak wardrobe to make a statement.

If you need a bedroom storage makeover, here are the things you need to think about when purchasing your next wardrobe.

How Much Space do You Really Need?

Firstly, don't buy a wardrobe that is far too large for your needs. There's no point in ordering a massive vintage wardrobe that's going to stand half-empty (unless it's a particularly beautiful piece, but we'll get onto that later).

Look at your clothing collection and use it as a basis for selecting the right wardrobe. Hanging space is the main issue. You'll need an inch for each heavy coat, and around half that for items like shirts or dresses. Leave a little extra room for your collection to grow as well, but only leave a few inches of empty hanging space.

Buy a Wardrobe that Caters for Seasonal Outfits

One way of reducing the size of your wardrobe is to divide your clothing collection into cold weather and warm weather outfits. Instead of hanging all your clothes on the same rail, items that will never be worn in winter can be packed away in compartments below the hanging rail or vacuum packed and stashed under your bed. If you go this route, it's a good idea to choose a wardrobe with extra storage draws beneath the rail.

Think About Whether You'll Need to Move Your Wardrobe

When you've chosen the right layout and size of wardrobe, you'll have to pick the right type. Wardrobes made of plastics or lightweight wood can be much more mobile (particularly when they are mounted on castors), enabling you to change the layout of your bedroom when required.

If you do want a mobile wardrobe, this probably rules out sturdy vintage designs made from hardwoods like cherry or oak. However, if you can't resist the gorgeous swirling grain of a vintage design, make sure you buy one with sliders affixed to the base that can easily move across your bedroom floor.

Should You Cut Costs on Your Wardrobe Purchase?

Once you've settled on the size, weight and layout of your wardrobe, price is the final thing to consider. When you look at potential bedroom storage options, you'll find wide variations in price, from high-end cherry or mahogany to much cheaper beech or MDF varieties. If you want a beautiful grain, there's no alternative to high grade hardwoods, but if all you want is a functional wardrobe that is easy to move, cheaper models will do just as well,

In the end, whether you opt for a luxury wardrobe or something more mundane, the extra storage space for clothes and accessories will help to declutter your bedroom, so it's a price worth paying. But you'll get even more out of your wardrobe if you choose exactly the right size and a model that can be shifted around when required.

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