How to Make Your Living Room More Inviting This Winter

Your living room should be a place to relax with family all year long, not just during the summer months. A room that's cold or draughty isn't much fun to spend time in, and you might find that your relatives are more inclined to stay holed up in their own rooms. A few simple changes can turn your living room into a warm, inviting space that's perfect for festive family time. You won't need to spend a fortune, and you could even get the family involved in the project.

Install thicker curtains

Thick curtains can make a massive difference to how warm and cosy a room feels. They'll trap heat, meaning you spend less on bills, and will keep cold draughts out at night. Choose floor length curtains for the best results. Darker colours are also more effective at trapping heat, and will make the room feel more festive, unlike pale shades that are suited to summer. If you currently use blinds, then you consider installing curtains in addition to them. The blinds can stay for daytime use, and you can draw the curtains during those chilly winter evenings.

Buy rugs and throws

Hardwood floors can get really cold during the winter months, especially if you tend to walk around barefoot. Purchasing a rug is a simple way to make the room feel much warmer, and you could choose a festive colour or pattern. Unlike carpet, rugs can be easily rolled up and put into storage once winter is over. Leather sofas present a similar problem, and can feel quite cold to sit on. You might be tempted to purchase fabric sofas instead, but you can save money by investing in a few throws and blankets. Use these to cover leather sofas, and remember to buy a few extra to snuggle up in.

Choose warm lighting

Once you've eliminated draughts, you might find that your living room still doesn't feel as warm or inviting as it should. The right lighting can solve this problem. Hang up fairy lights in bright, warm colours, or replace white bulbs with yellow. You could light candles or oil burners during the long chilly evenings, and these will give off a friendly glow. Choose festive scents like cinnamon or pine for the best effect. If you've a fireplace, then now is the time to start using it. The warm, reassuring glow of a crackling log fire will create the perfect welcoming atmosphere.

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