Five Tips for Choosing and Cleaning Carpet in a Childcare Centre or Nursery

If you run a nursery or child care centre, keeping the carpet clean can be a challenge, However, although it can feel like a losing battle, you should attempt to keep the nursery carpet as clean as possible. Here are some ideas on choosing carpet and cleaning it safely and effectively:

1. Choose low pile carpet.

If you are buying new carpet for your nursery, opt for low pile. Shag or other long pile can harbour dirt and germs, and it can be harder to clean. To make up for the difference in comfort, invest in a small swatch of carpet or a cushion for each child to use during reading or play time.

If you are undecided whether or not you need new carpet, carefully consider replacing it. Old carpet can harbour allergens that make it difficult to breathe, hard to think and cause other issues. Putting in new carpet and scheduling regular cleanings can help to protect the air quality for the children in your school.

2. Use rugs or mats under messy activities.

For arts and crafts or other messy endeavours, protect the child care centre's carpet with special rugs, painting drop cloths or even small patches of vinyl flooring that you keep rolled up in a corner until you need it. If possible, create a few uncarpeted corners in your nursery and restrict messy activities to those areas.

3. Keep a spot cleaner on hand.

Ideally, you should not wait for the professionals to clean every drip or drop that plops on your carpet. Whether the kids stage an impromptu food fight or you drop some art supplies, always be ready to spot clean carpet. To minimise the presence of chemicals around little children, consider using a homemade cleaner of vinegar and sodium bicarbonate. That helps remove most stains, and it doesn't contain toxins.

4. Hire natural carpet cleaners.

When hiring professional cleaners, talk with them about which types of cleaning methods they use. As you run a nursery, you may want to err on the side of natural cleaners. That helps to protect the kids in your classroom from any irritations linked to chemical cleaners.

5. Vacuum regularly.

Finally, you should vacuum the carpet in the nursery on a regular basis. You can minimise dirt in the area by requiring kids to remove their shoes or encouraging them to wipe their feets on mats at the door. Remember to use a HEPA filter to protect your air quality.


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