How to care for both your weathered and new teak furniture

Many homeowners and business owners prefer teak furniture for indoors and outdoors because of its beauty and the many benefits they have. It is saturated with natural oils that make it naturally resistant to insects, rot and also other outdoor elements making it durable. With these features, the furniture proves to be a little pricey and care should be taken for them to make the last long. Here are some few tips on caring for your teak furniture.

Products to use to maintain your teak furniture's golden colour

If you have to use any product, use products that bring out your teak furniture's natural colour. Even though teak furniture is highly durable and can withstand harsh outdoor conditions, it does not mean it is foolproof; care has to be taken regularly. There are various products in the market to treat your teak furniture; the most common are teak oil and teak sealer. Teak oil is made from tung oil and linseed oil and does not contain any oil located in the teak tree. If you use teak oil on your teak outdoor furniture, it will help you for only some weeks after which your furniture will begin to fade. You will be forced to reapply many times that will lead to further damage to your furniture. The oil naturally occurring in your teak furniture is good enough to protect it. However, if your teak furniture is located indoors, you can use the teak oil as the adverse effects of using teak oil are seen when you expose the furniture outside in the elements. Teak sealer is, however, recommended as it offers protection from UV rays while preventing mildew (preventing your furniture from turning gray). Before application, make sure you clean your furniture first and allow to dry.

What to do if you prefer your teak furniture's weathered colour

Leave your furniture outside in the elements to weather naturally and do not apply any sealant. All you will have to do is wash it with soap, water, and a soft sponge regularly. For light stains that cannot come off with soapy water, you can use a teak cleaner from your store. If you come across stubborn stains, for example, red wine or coffee you can use light sanding. Use a medium class sandpaper and finish off with a fine class sandpaper to smoothen the surface of your teak furniture. Note that if you want to retain the golden colour of your furniture, you should not sand as this may remove the colour exposing a fresh layer of wood. Additional info can be found here.

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