Tips For Employee Loss Prevention

When you run a business, you want to ensure nobody else steals from you, since this affects your business assets. Not only do you need to be concerned about shoplifters, but thefts from your own employees as well. Here are some tips for reducing employee thefts.

Have Strict Consequences For Employees Who Steal

Make sure that when your employees are hired, they are informed of the consequences of employee theft. Make it very apparent that any type of theft, whether it is a pen from the office or cash from the register, will not be tolerated. If you are too flexible, such as letting minor thefts slide, it becomes too tempting for an employee to steal, assuming they can use the defense of not knowing what is okay or not okay to take. If an employee is caught stealing, fire them immediately and inform all other employees of what has occurred; that way they understand you mean business.

Start an Inventory Management System

There are some employee thefts that are hard to catch, such as taking a small item when there are several of them, or pouring their friend a fountain drink without charging them for it. Have a strict inventory system no matter what type of business you run so that you know immediately if something is missing. For example, if you run a small movie theater and have noticed there always seems to be one or two fewer popcorn buckets than what the receipts claim you sold, and it always occurs on Friday nights, you know to ask the person working the snack station on this night each week. It is likely they are giving it away for free to friends or taking it themselves as a snack. This is still a theft that requires punishment.

Upgrade Your Entry System

If you currently have doors with locks that all your employees have keys to, it is time to upgrade. This makes it difficult to know when the employees are accessing certain areas of the building and when. A better option is to use an electronic entry system that either requires a key card or a numeric code. If using a numeric code, make sure it is unique to each employee. The same goes for the key card. That way, you can actually see which employee uses their number or key card to access the building after hours or over the weekend when they should not have been there. Not only does it track down a thief, but it can help prevent thefts since employees know the likelihood of getting caught. A locksmith can help you find the right locking system and install it for you.

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