How to Make Your Own Patio Fire Pit

Having a fire pit not only adds a real warmth to a patio, it also means you can enjoy your patio even when the nights start to get dark and cold, thanks to the extra light and warmth it brings. So, if you like the idea of roasting marshmallows in front of an open fire with your family but would like to give it your own touch with custom made surroundings, here is a simple DIY project that is easy on the pocket and doesn't take a lot of time to complete. All you need is a fire pit bowl and a few retaining wall blocks, both of which can be found at your local hardware store.

1. Buy your fire pit bowl

These can be found at hardware stores at a variety of prices. You don't need an expensive one, but you do need one with a large lip around the edge; this will really help when it comes to the construction of your fire pit surroundings. If you like, drill a hole in the bowl. This isn't mandatory, but it will help the bowl drain any rainwater that ends up in it.

2. Surround it with blocks

The number of blocks you need will depend on the size of your bowl, but for a standard 35" bowl you would need approximately 45 retaining wall blocks that are 10 inches in size. This would mean having 15 blocks for each layer. 

Place the cover of the fire pit on the ground and place the blocks tightly around it, making sure there are no gaps. Then, remove the cover and place the second layer of rocks, staggering them a bit so they aren't sitting perfectly on top of the first layer. Now, the third layer, again staggering the rocks. If you like, you can keep building more layers, but three is a good size for a patio fire pit.

3. Insert the bowl

The fire pit bowl will probably have brackets inside where you attach the legs. As you won't be using the legs, you can go ahead and remove the brackets with a screwdriver. That way, your bowl will fit more easily on top of the blocks. When you place it on the blocks, the lip of the bowl should cover any gaps or unevenness where the blocks meet in the centre and give it a more uniform look.

Et voilĂ ! Your own custom fire pit, which should take no time and little money to make. And, don't worry about the blocks moving; their weight will hold them in place nicely.

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