What You May Not Know About Asbestos in Your Home

Asbestos is a very dangerous substance that has been associated with various breathing disorders and even lung cancer, so it's no wonder that homeowners might be concerned if they suspect their home has asbestos. While the material can be very dangerous, it's good for homeowners to know about the material, how it becomes dangerous and where it can be found in the home. Note a few things you may not know about asbestos in a home and then talk to an asbestos removal contractor if you still need more information about this material.

1. How people are exposed to asbestos

Asbestos becomes dangerous when the fibres are inhaled, which means that people are exposed to it when something containing asbestos becomes disturbed enough to release those fibres. You may assume this only means pulling down insulation that contains asbestos, but note that fibres can be released through demolition, renovation, certain repair jobs and the like. Anything that may disturb the asbestos so that the material gets shaken and the fibres are released may expose a person to the substance.

2. When symptoms of asbestos exposure are noticed

Rarely does a person breathe in asbestos and then immediately show signs of damage to their lungs and breathing passages, but it may take years for conditions to develop and symptoms to show. Additionally, a doctor or healthcare provider may overlook the fact that a person has an asbestos-related disease simply because their exposure was many years back. This is why it's important for homeowners to understand the risks of asbestos exposure so they know to mention this to their doctor if and when they do develop symptoms of related breathing disorders, and they can then get proper treatment.

3. Asbestos use is not necessarily banned in your area

Asbestos is a natural mineral that is used in various products, not just home insulation, and these products are not necessarily banned in every area. For example, asbestos might be found in joint compounds, building materials like roofing tiles, coatings, gaskets, automobile parts, and so on. The use of asbestos for some applications may be banned in your area; using asbestos in home insulation may be restricted if not banned outright since it's often easier to shake insulation loose and inhale its fibres than it is to inhale any part of joint compound or roofing tiles. That being said, it's good for homeowners to know that asbestos is not necessarily banned in their area for certain applications so they can be alert to where it might be found and have materials tested for asbestos if recommended by an asbestos removal company.

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